A harness is a device worn around the dog’s back and torso and is usually buckled or cinched to the dog’s back or sides. Harnesses have become more prevalent in recent years but also have some drawbacks.

But first, let’s examine the advantage of harnesses for puppies or dogs. Here are five benefits of the Harness that you could consider as you purchase your UK Dog Boutique

I love my dog’s Harness. He has five reasons why you should too.

  1. Safe For Dogs

One of the most significant benefits of a harness is that it fits snugly around your dog’s body. It makes it very difficult for your dog to escape the Harness or escape. This is especially important for dogs that are shy or easily startled.

I love knowing that I can easily have a point of contact (not around the neck) where my dog ​​can’t wriggle when I need to grab and hold him!

  1. Better Control

A harness gives you more control when walking than a collar.

The 2-Point Contact His harness is the perfect choice for ultimate control and guidance in leash training. For example, the Freedom No-Pull Harness allows you to attach a unique leash to the front and back clips.

This will help you control and guide your puppy during training sessions. Also, “control” isn’t about turning your dog around but provides excellent security in heavy traffic and dangerous situations.

  1. Helps Reduce Pulling

As mentioned earlier, harnesses are not a miracle solution to the dog leash problem.

But a proper front clip strap helps.

The front clip harness helps reduce pulling by letting your dog naturally pull back when he pulls. This movement is undesirable for the dog and helps reduce the urge to pull naturally.

  1. Fewer Line Tangles

A tangle of chains is a royal pain. I have found that using a harness makes my dog’s leash much less likely to wrap around his legs or under his stomach!

A fixed point of contact (as opposed to a collar that “twists” around your dog’s neck) keeps the leash from getting confused during walks.

  1. Safe Pressure Distribution (Very Important)

Perhaps the most important advantage of using a harness on your dog is that the pressure is distributed more evenly across the body.

When the dog pulls or falls with the Harness, the force is evenly distributed across the back and chest.

Where do you think the pressure comes if your dog pulls or falls while wearing the collar? On your dog’s neck!

First of all, harnesses are generally a much safer option for walking dogs.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Harness is the best device to use when moving around with your puppy or dog. The design is in such a way that it makes it easier to control and, more so, distributes the weight and tension evenly across the dog’s body.

So far, Harness is considered the best dog gadget for outdoor activities. So, grab your dog harness and enjoy!