Like you will normally prepare when bringing in new human visitors, you must prepare enough cat supplies if you want to adopt a cat. However, if it’s the first time you are adopting a pet, you may wonder where to get cat supplies online.

Luckily, this article shares everything you need to know. You will learn the pet supplies that are a must for cats and other important information.

Essential supplies for a new cat include:

 Crate or Cat Carrier

First, you need a crate or cat carrier. This cat supply is one of the first things you need since you must take your new buddy around. With easy access and enough ventilation, the cat carrier needs to be sturdy and secure, such as a rigid exterior with a detachable carriage.

Food and Water Bowls

Your pet should have bowls for water and food ready before it gets home. An accommodating and clean dish and water filter bowl for pets are substantial. Go for the non-tip stainless steel bowl for pets. Avoid using plastic dishes for your cast since it might develop a chin rash from the material.


You can choose various varieties of cat foods and learn what kind of food your cat enjoys before adopting it. A breeder’s store, such as a pet shelter or getting cat supplies from is the best place to feed your new four-legged buddy. What your cat eats will depend on its age as well. Kittens require special meals and old cats need a diet designed for old cats.

Cat Bed

While most cats are comfortable sleeping in any spot, a cat bed is essential. The mattress must be fluffy and warm and be in a position that makes the fur buddy feel relaxed and safe. Ensure your cat fits well and has enough space to stretch. It should be sizable enough to make it feel comfy.

Litter Box

The market is flooded with many different types of litter boxes. A self-cleaning litter box is a mechanism that will rake the dirty litter after usage. A covered box comes with a top cover that lets your cart have privacy while covering the mess found in the litter box.

It also ensures that litter isn’t forced over the box edges and onto the floor. Nevertheless, some cats don’t like the cap and won’t use the enclosed box. So, a single plastic box with kitty litter inside is another choice.

Calming Diffuser Comfort Zone

Moving to a new house with a new family can be a stressful experience for your cat. If your cat moves into a new environment, it needs help adjusting to the new environment. In this case, a calming diffuser comfort zone offers your cat the feeling of calmness by producing an odorless mist, imitating the soothing pheromones. This allows you to convey the protection of the surroundings to your cat. This reduces stress-related issues like wall urine marking or aggressive scratching, implying that the pet is distracted by providing a calm feeling.

Cat Scratching Spot

Cats need a scratching post to deal with the temptation of them scratching your furniture or walls. So, buy a cat scratch and ensure it has a solid foundation to prevent tipping. It must be significant that the cat can stand on its hind legs as they scratch.