The family dog is an integral part of our daily lives, and he accompanies us on many adventures, with regular trips to the park, and his twice a day walk, yet there are times when the dog simply cannot come, and unless you have someone at home to look after him, you might have a problem. What can one do in that situation? There are suitable boarding kennels, where the dog will actually have his own holiday experience with caring workers and a nice environment.

Boarding Kennels

One has to be very careful with boarding kennels, as some are focused on simply keeping your pet safely contained until you return. Unfortunately, the dog is not some inanimate object than you can stick in a cage, feed and water, and expect them to be fine with that. The ideal boarding kennel would be one that gives the dog a double dose of daily exercise, morning and evening, and with lots of love and affection from the staff, and a few treats, your pet will be having his own form of downtime. Such an establishment can be found at, a Sydney based dog and cat boarding facility that focuses on making the experience a special one for the animals.

No Hidden Extras

If you deal with the right kennels, you will receive a breakdown of the service, which should include the following:

  • Home cooked meals
  • Daily exercise program
  • Time with the Carers
  • Safe and pleasant environment

Of course, the staff would welcome some information about your dog, and they would do their best to develop a relationship with him, while they are together. The price would be fixed, and with a clear list of responsibilities, you can feel confident that your dog is going to enjoy the experience, perhaps even more than you enjoy yours.

Initial Period

This is possibly the stressful time, and it is recommended you depart as soon as possible. Some dogs just carry on regardless, and are soon at home in their new surroundings, while others might remain very quiet, and prefer to be on their own. This period doesn’t last very long, and soon the dog adapts to his new environment, and probably won’t think about you until he next sees you.

Peace of Mind

If you can find a caring kennels that will make sure your dog has a pleasant experience while you are away, then you can travel, knowing that your faithful companion is safe and having a great time. There are online boarding kennels, and if you live in NSW, is an ideal place to leave your family pet, and they house both dogs and cats, and with over 30 years’ experience in the field, they really know how to make the transition a smooth one.

Knowing your pet is well looked after and enjoying a friendly, new environment that is managed by professionals, is a valuable thing, and when you think about it, the family pet deserves a holiday just as much as anyone.