If you have a hyperactive canine, the regular walks can be really difficult. Many pooches tend to pull the walker all along, and in case you try to hold back, you may end up hurting the dog’s neck. In such cases, it is best to replace the collar with a harness. A harness is fastened around the chest and neck, and therefore, the force on the leash is equally distributed. Contrary to what people believe, harnesses are meant for both small and big dogs.

Do I need a harness for my dog?

Harnesses are always more expensive than collars. However, in terms of use, these work better than collars, regardless of the size, breed and temper of the canine. If you have a new puppy, using a harness is always better, as a little extra force can cause pain or even injury in the neck. Harnesses are also great for large dogs that tend to run behind smaller pets and squirrels along the way. Older dogs that have neck mobility issues should also have one to avoid unexpected snaps and pulls.

What to buy?

There are two kinds of harnesses in the market – standard and no-pull. For most dogs, a standard harness is more than enough. However, if you are dealing with a large dog that refuses to listen on the walks, a no-pull product might be a better choice. In case the dog exerts extra force, the harness will tighten, and therefore, you will have more control over the situation. Keep in mind that the best dog harness is the one that fits your dog perfectly. The size and breed of the dog are two important considerations. You cannot choose a product, unless you have measured the neck and chest of the canine.

Tips on saving

There are many online sites, where you can find detailed reviews of different dog harnesses from the leading brands. These reviews can be handy for comparing products, especially if you are new to such products. If you have a puppy, don’t spend on high end products, because the pooch will grow in no time. For older dogs (one year or more), you can go for an expensive harness, which can last for years. In terms of discounts, it is best to check online, where you will find big offers on many retail stores like YourDogIsWorthItToo.

Buy a harness now, and enjoy the next walk with your pooch!