Fleas will feed on your pets when they bite, and can be very irritating. They can cause excessive itching, and can also lead to other skin conditions too. Fleas will transmit dangerous diseases to pets, so if you see your pet scratching, immediately check them for fleas.

The tell-tale sign of a flea bite is a small red spot where the flea has made a puncture wound. Try looking for flea droppings, which look like small flecks of pepper.

Identifying flea bites on your pets is really important, as there could be areas of the skin that need immediate attention for skin irritations.

Flea bites on cats

  • Watch to see if your cat is scratching or licking its skin frequently.
  • Check areas where there seems to be hair loss due to lots of scratching.
  • Look for tiny pink or red bumps that look pointed at the centre. This is a bite.
  • Check your cat’s skin for scabs, caused by bites, scratching and licking excessively.

Fleas are super hard to locate in a cats fur, although they’re mainly found around the neck and chest. If you can’t find any bites on your cat, look for flea faeces instead to determine if there is an infestation.

Flea bites on dogs

Knowing what flea bite looks like is the key to identifying them, especially for your dogs.

  • Bites appear like a raised bump that is red. It’s very small and is usually about the size of a pin head.
  • When scratched, these bumps will become inflamed and will get a lot bigger.
  • The bites will usually be in a cluster on the head, neck and along the tail.
  • Areas that are being scratched a lot will become red and sore, a sign that fleas may be targeting a certain area of your dogs’ skin.

Flea bites will become more pronounced if your pet has an allergic reaction to them. In this case, you will notice bald spots as the fur starts to fall out.

Fleas are a serious problem for you and your pets, so if you have an infestation, it’s best to call in the pest control experts immediately.