Doggie doors are a great way to help your pet avoid accidents when you need to be away from your home for extended periods of time. However, with today’s heightened safety concerns, providing unfettered access, no matter how small, into your house may not give you a high level of comfort. If you want to maintain your pet’s access to the outdoors, but prevent entrance to anyone else, a magnetic dog door may be the perfect option. These automatic doors are easy to install and are also programmable to restrict your pet’s movements. And using an automated door will help with energy efficiency and maintaining temperature control within your home.

Training your pet to use an automatic magnetic dog door will vary from dog to dog, but generally speaking, it is a fairly straightforward process. The door is activated by a fob worn around Fido’s neck and once he’s walked through the process a few times, he should be good to go! If your dog shows signs of confusion, or is fearful of the mechanism and becomes a bit timid, keep encouraging him, and enlist the help of a friend to help coax him through by waiting outside with a yummy treat in hand. Teaching your pet to use an automatic door to let themselves out will help to prevent accidents, and will allow you to sleep in on the weekends and avoid those middle of the night wake up calls.

Energy efficiency is a top concern these days and running a household at optimum levels does include temperature control. Many dog doors create drafts that can cause inefficiencies in addition to security concerns. Magnetic dog doors are installed with a fully sealed opening that not only creates a safe environment for your family, it will also help to keep indoor temperatures properly regulated. If you are currently utilizing a flap type of door for your pet, it may be time to upgrade to an option that does not allow unwanted access into your home, and does not create drafts or allow cool air to escape during the summer months.

Magnetic dog doors are a great option for any pet owner that desires some autonomy from their dog while not compromising their safety or the energy efficiency of their home. This option prevents pet accidents and training your pet to easily operate the door is straightforward and should be complete within a matter of days. Never worry again about rushing home to let the dog out, or have your sleep interrupted when the call of nature strikes your pet in the middle of the night. With the easy installation and lack of security or temperature issues, a magnetic dog door is a simple fix that will improve the daily life of both you and your pet.