Cats and similar other pets are reared for fun and companionship. When you are dealing with a member of different animals’ species, you need to understand their temperament and ways of reacting to different situations too. Surprisingly, cats and dogs also have a competitive streak in their nature and they also get excited while playing just like humans do. So, if you are asking the question, ‘why does my cat bite me?’ you are actually showing your ignorance about the basic traits of your cat which your seller might have forgot to tell you.

Reasons why cats bite

So, first things first! Here are a few answers to why the cat, your own pet cat bites you. Your cat indulges in light biting because it is her inherent nature to show her love through mild nibbling.

Also, cats are fond of rough play. They may get aggressive in the excitement of the game and may resort to biting you in the heat of the moment.

Cats also bite when they are stressed or are feeling vulnerable, especially when the young kittens are snatched from their mothers too soon; they express their sadness by sucking of your clothes and biting.

And the last but not the least, cats may also bite if they are petted for too long. Too much of cuddling is something no one likes, not even your cats.

So, if the cats are showing signs like wagging tail, ears drawn backward etc., it is a warning that you must put them down right away.

What to do to stop cats from biting?

Designing the playtime in such a way that cats are neither feeling too exhausted nor stimulated, is one of the things you can do to stop the cats from biting. Other ways to stop cats from biting are:

  1. Taking the time-out or stopping the play: You cannot go on and on with playing if you see your cat showing signs of distress or irritability. Stop the game right away when she is about to bite you. If you have just started with the game, just take a break and let cat settle down.
  2. Exhaust her: Some cats when brought to new household show sign of vulnerability and insecurity by biting when the owner tries to be friendly. So, it is better to indulge her in some exhausting routine like fetching ball, etc so that she can adjust to the routine and get accustomed to the new environment. Tiring her down is effective way of mellowing down the aggression in cat.
  3. Understand temperament of the cat first before jumping on to petting: Some cats like cuddling while others may not. So, you must try to understand the nature of your cat first before indulging into heavy cuddling.

So, next time when you try to find out, ‘why does my cat bite me?’, just take help of pointers above and try learning ways to make your cat comfortable, more trusting of you and feel less vulnerable. It surely will help.