If you are considering getting a protection dog for your home or family there are a few things that are important for you to understand in advance. Protection dogs are trained to stay with the person they are protecting, which makes them differ from police dogs, for example, that you would expect to chase an intruder or bad guy. A protection dog can become a loving, happy part of a family, a part of the family that would give their life in order to protect the family unit.

A protection dog is trained to a thorough extent, utilising the latest techniques and dog training expertise in order to fully protect families. A protection dog will be trained for a year in obedience and the first steps of protection training, with further standards of dog protection training being undertaken for several more weeks before being deemed ready to return home. A protection dog will then undertake further training at home. They are trained to be ultra obedient to their handlers, becoming a core support to an owner, especially at a time of crisis.

If you are considering owning a protection dog you must be committed to the training aspect, as well as training all family members/members of the household to understand how to work safely and effectively with the dog. It is imperative that only the most responsible of dog owners consider protection dogs due to the enhanced and consistent nature of training.

A protection dog will help you secure your home, provide protection for you and your family, but also be a fulfilling companion. It is important to search for a dog that has been trained by a dog training service that has handled countless protection dogs over the years and understands how to offer extensive training to both dogs and their owners.

When choosing a breed of protection dog the vast majority of people will choose the German Shepherd. It has been bred to work as a protection dog since the late 1800s and is characterised by its strength and intelligence. It is for these reasons that is has been a popular choice of police dog, as well as working with the military and for private citizens as protection dogs for numerous reasons. If you are offered other breeds of dog as specialised protection dogs be cautious. There is good reason that the police and military have used German Shepherds as the go to protection and working dog for many decades.

Male German Shepherds will weigh between 65 and 90 pounds on average, with the female weighing between 50 and 70 pounds. They have to lead an active lifestyle due to the high energy levels they possess, and you will find that they easily bond with those that show them love and affection, ensuring they are a family favourite. As the handler of a German Shepherd you must assert leadership early on.

Whatever you decide to do when choosing a protection dog, be sure to check the credentials of the dog training service that has trained the specific dog. High quality of standards during training will ensure an obedient dog that protects you and your family for many years to come.