The bernedoodle is a Bernese Mountain and Poodle mix that is becoming a very popular breed of pet dogs among dog lovers for their perfectly medium size and friendly demeanor. However, there are many fraudulent breeders whom nobody should trust. Before looking for bernedoodle puppies for sale, one must be informed enough to spot a healthy and genuine bernedoodle puppy.

Understanding a Bernedoodle

It is best to be sure about a pet before trying to bring one home. Every pet is different but each breed has its characteristic traits. Here are some key facts about bernedoodles:

  • They can grow to any length between 22 and 30 inches. Depending on the parent canines, they can be slightly smaller or bigger.
  • They typically weigh something between 54 and 100 pounds.
  • They are furry animals who need moderate to cool temperatures to be comfortable.
  • Bernadoodles are playful when they want but calm and aloof sometimes. They can be moody. It does not mean they are sick or upset.
  • They are very loyal, alert, and protective. They need an experienced trainer as a puppy so that they don’t grow up to be aggressive.
  • They are more on the vocal side and fill up a home with adorable barks.
  • They are very intelligent and independent by nature, as much as a puppy can be.
  • People looking for bernedoodle puppies should be onboard with the idea of having a pet with the above characteristics.

Spotting a Healthy Bernedoodle Puppy

Finding out whether a bernedoodle puppy is real or not takes a simple image search on the internet. They look unique once one can recognize the breed. The tricky part is to figure out whether it is healthy. Here is how to almost make sure the puppy is healthy.


Real bernedoodle puppies come in white-black-brown combination, white-red combination, and combinations of white, black, dark brown, and gray colors.


  • Anybody can buy a puppy when they see bernedoodle puppies for sale. However, an extremely low price on a small puppy is usually a bad sign. They are often the runt of the litter who probably won’t survive even with the best care. Here is a loosely estimated reference.
  • The most desirable red and white combination or tri color pups cost around $2000-$3000.
  • Other bicolor combinations cost around $1200-$2000.
  • The commonest black bernedoodle puppy costs around $800-$1200.


  • The size and weight mentioned in the section above are for the standard bernedoodle. Standard bernedoodles are healthy and tenacious, even more than the individual parent breeds. However, mini and micro bernedoodle breeds aren’t always ethically bred. They are more likely to have health issues than the standard bernedoodle.


People often get confused by the various names this breed has. Just for clarification, the bernedoodle, bernadoodle, berniedoodle, berniepoo, bernepoo, and Bernese Mountain Poo are all the same.


Bernedoodles are adorable, amicable, and stout. They also drool less than most dogs and have hypoallergenic coats. Those who want to get a new puppy for the family should have no reason to hesitate to get one when they find bernedoodle puppies for sale.