Cat trees are types of trees that will ensure that your home stays safe for the pets and provides quality life to indoor cats, improving their lives.  Cats are kept as pets and are always very curious and intelligent. Additionally, these creatures stay healthy and happy when they are involved in physical activities and mental stimulation. There are various cat tree designs and types that provide various services to indoor cats, such as security, adventure and engagement. The cats are allowed to fulfil their crazies and play vigorously with the cat trees keeping them active.

Tips to Finding a Suitable Cat Tree

Since cat trees are made in various adventurous and exciting designs, they can be overwhelming to purchase. However, a cat owner should consider some factors before selecting a cat tree for their companion. Some of the factors you should evaluate before buying your cat a cat tree include.

  1. The number of cats owned by someone determines the cat tree design that best suits them. Houses with several pets always have fights meaning that they all cannot be placed under one structure.
  2. The perching capabilities of the cat are vital in choosing a suitable height that won’t inconvenience your cat during use.
  3. Consider the cat’s character, especially whether they are a scratcher. Cats who are scratchers can enjoy designs with scratchers on them to stand and rub themselves comfortably.
  4. Always consider if your cats like playing a lot when choosing a design. Cats that love to play with humans may have a hard time using the cat tree. Other cats prefer playing alone hence can benefit from the cat tree, especially when it is furnished and filled with various toys.
  5. The activeness of a cat also determines the cat tree design selection. The cat tree aims to ensure they take part in physical activities, age, and stay healthy. Younger cats tend to be more active; hence will need very involving designs.

Examples of design features that are offered.

  • Hammocks
  • Cubby holes
  • Toys
  • Scratcher
  • Stairs
  • Ledges

Importance of Cat Trees

  • Cat trees help to keep cats active throughout the day. They can jump around, scratch, run, lounge and hide, making them happy and healthy.
  • They offer cats the option of staying off the ground, especially when there are items in the house that startle them.
  • Cat trees enable cats to fulfil one of their favourite activities: standing and looking out for anything happening to satisfy their curiosity.


A cat tree is a must get for most cat owners due to the variety of services it offers. There are various designs from which one can choose the most suitable make depending on various factors that depend on the cat’s actions, likes and behaviour. The cat trees are also made in various sizes and materials and with different engaging activities and parts. Choosing a perfect cat tree for your pet is essential if you want them to stay healthy, happy and active.