Playtime is an important activity for humans and pets, and that includes cats, too! Both kittens and adult cats require playtime and physical activities, having amazing agility and strength. In fact, it’s in their nature to dash, leap, jump, and do a ton of physical activity!

Just because your cat won’t have access to real prey doesn’t mean she isn’t able to bring out the predator in her. That is why pet toys are important, and you can find many available in stores like Peggasus Pets. But what are the toys that will amuse cats immensely?

These are the best cat toys to invest in:

  1. Catnip

Most cats love catnip, which can be stuffed into toys or sprinkled on the floor or boxes for them to enjoy. Don’t worry about them eating catnip, as it is safe for them to consume. Just be careful when playing with your cat when catnip is around, as they get very excited and might bite!

You can get catnip-stuffed balls, fresh catnip plants, and even place dried catnip in a newspaper. They’ll feel stimulated and focused on the catnip, so the furniture stays safe from their claws.

  1. Balls

One of the most important elements of cats’ play drives is their instincts to hunt prey. Because ball toys would mimic the movement of prey, with various enticing elements such as catnip, fur, feathers, and/or noisemakers, they will surely entertain your cat for hours!

You may need to retrieve balls under the furniture, but as long as you have the patience to do so, then you and your cat can enjoy ball toys! There are also other types of ball toys you can invest in or create on your own, like wadded-up paper, ping-pong balls, toy balls with bells, or those that are shaped like mice.

  1. Wands

Wand toys are like sticks with strings or ribbons dangling from their ends. You may also find wands with toys, noisemakers, or feathers dangling at the end of the string, which catches your cats’ attention. They can entice cats from a distance so your hands won’t be at risk from their claws.

Make sure that you put all wand toys away after use, as the feathers and ribbons may be chewed apart by pets if left alone, it’s best to have it available only occasionally to maintain their interests, and to keep toys connected with playtime.

There are various wand toys you may want to try using, such as fishing pole toys, homemade wands such as thick strings and shoelaces, or large and colorful feathers you can find from craft stores.

  1. Food dispenser toys

You may try food-dispenser toys for free-feeding cats, just make sure you use them properly to prevent them from getting overweight. It mimics the requirements of food hunting while keeping cats from eating too much.

Wrapping It Up

Cats require toys and regular playtime, which is part of giving them a stimulating environment. Go ahead and invest in any of these cat toys today for your furry kitten to stay engaged and learn a lot!