Do you have a new young dog as a pet? But are you a little wondering what exactly your dog needs? That’s very simple. A young dog is like a baby. The puppy will need a lot of time, attention, and care. For example, you should think about walking, but also about giving food and drink. Of course you want the best care for your dog. Are you curious which things are important for a puppy? Then read on.

Delicious: dinner time!

Just like humans, dogs also need food. Especially at a younger age, the puppies need to eat well in order to grow well. It is therefore important that you do not give the puppy too much, but also not too little food. A puppy eats about 2 to 3 times a day. It is important that you do not give too much food. To make sure you give a puppy enough, but not too much food, you have special cups. These cups indicate exactly how much your dog can eat per meal. This way you keep a close eye on your dog’s food, and you know for sure that will not starve.

A sip for the thirst

In addition to food, a dog also needs plenty to drink. You can always put a bowl of water next to his food bowl. That way they can drink throughout the day. Before drinking, it is important that you keep an eye on the dog’s bowl. As soon as it is empty, it is wise to fill it. Especially on hot days, nice cold water is a feast for the dogs. If your dog does not drink a lot, it is important to change the water of the dogs daily. That is better for the dog. This way they will get sick much less quickly.

Go outside for a while

When a dog eats and drinks, it will also have to be let out every now and then. When you do this you will need dog collars and a leash. You attach the dog collars around the dog’s neck and attach the leash to the dog collars. When you are done with the walk, the leash can be taken off. You can choose to leave the dog collars on. The dog collars are not in the way of a dog. In addition, it is sometimes easier, so that you do not constantly have to fasten the dog collars when walking.