Bengal cats are some of the most wonderful cat breeds around, not only because they are incredibly beautiful with those distinctive horizontal stripes or rosettes, but also because they are very intelligent. In fact, Bengals are said to be more intelligent than other well-known intelligent breeds such as Siamese cats. These cats are always looking for attention, and some of their behaviour tends to lean more towards dogs rather than cats – they like following their human around, and they like to get involved in whatever activity you are into. They can be quirky and crazy, and their acrobatics are well worth watching. But if you are thinking of having your own Bengal cat, here are some top tips you should remember.

  • Have it fixed. If you are not planning to have your Bengal bred, it’s best to have it fixed as early as possible – before it reaches reproductive maturity. This prevents the cat from making marks on their territory, such as spraying your rooms and furniture. Once the cat begins this habit, it can be difficult to break.
  • Buy lots of toys. Your Bengal is an active cat – and it can easily become bored. Once your Bengal becomes bored, it can quickly resort to destruction and may end up messing about with your furniture, rugs, and everything it can get it hands on. A good collection of toys will come in handy. If you will be leaving your Bengal cat for a few hours at a time, one thing you can do is give it a companion. Another cat to serve as a friend to your Bengal is a great idea, although it’s best to get them at the same time or make sure your Bengal has been exposed to other animals first.
  • Have them meet and greet people and animals early on. As mentioned, it’s best to expose your Bengal to other animals and pets (as well as people) early on. Having your Bengal socialised from an early age will give it confidence and will not make it too obsessed with you (it can, and does, happen).
  • Don’t expect it to be Garfield. You know Garfield, don’t you? That cartoon/comic strip cat which is always lying around and being lazy? Well, don’t expect your Bengal to be quite like Garfield. In fact, they’re the opposite. Bengals are active cats; they are not lap cats and will not appreciate being stuck on your lap. Give them the chance to move around and be the agile and active cats that they are.

One more tip: there may be many Bengals for sale out there, but it’s important to choose the right seller. Make sure the breeder you choose is reputable and is registered with The International Cat Association, or TICA.

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