Some find them cute, and some have a rather different opinion. No matter which camp you’re in, there’s no arguing that bats are an essential part of the ecosystem. They’re nature’s exterminators, playing a key role in keeping insect populations under control. So you do want bats around, but you definitely don’t want them taking up residence in your home. Think you might have bats in your attic? Downey Animal Shelter has a lot of experience with these critters. Here are some signs that you might have bats living upstairs.

Squeaking, Flapping and Scratching

One of the first indications that bats are under your roof is the sounds they make. At first, you might think it’s from mice or rats. But listen closely. If you hear high-pitched squeaks or flapping noises, it could be bats. Also, pay attention to when these sounds occur. Bats leave for their nightly sojourn at dusk and then return at dawn, so if those are the times you hear the commotion, it could be bats.

Guano Droppings

Bat guano resembles small, elongated pellets. Since bats roost upside-down during the day – usually in the same place – you’re likely to find piles of it instead of seeing it scattered throughout your attic. Bat guano contains pathogens that pose a health risk to both humans and pets, so it’s best to leave the clean-up to a professional. The trained specialists at Downey Animal Shelter have the proper equipment and know-how to do so safely.

A Strong Odor

Another indication that bats have moved in is the strong smell of their urine. Some describe it as smelling like ammonia. Others say it’s like a urine-soaked cat litter box. Sometimes the urine trails are visible on the walls or rafters in the attic.

If you think you’re sharing your home with bats, call a professional who can remove them safely and humanely. They’ll also help you to seal things up so you can keep these creatures where they belong – outside!