Agriculture is largely based around animals even if your farm isn’t primarily focused on raising livestock. Animals have been involved in agricultural practices since the very beginning, be it as produce or as work animals. That is why veterinarians are professionals who agriculturalists need on speed dial.

The Role of vets in South Africa in Agriculture
The agricultural industry in South Africa is one of the country’s highest grossing industries and all but keeps the economy afloat. Without the success of South African agriculture the country’s economic future would be a bleak one. This is largely thanks to vets in South Africa keeping farm animals and livestock healthy.

Veterinarians are responsible for ensuring animals are healthy and living in good conditions. Whether it be a brood of chickens, a herd of cattle or a flock of sheep it may seem strange to need a vet as the animal is likely to end up on a plate, but there are key factors which vets keep in check.

Protecting Livelihoods
There are multiple small farms across South Africa (and large industrialised ones) on which people rely for an income. If a disease breaks out and wipes out an entire herd, flock or brood then the farm and its employees will be in financial ruin, without a means of putting food on the table.

Vets in South Africa protect countless jobs by ensuring that animals and produce are kept safe, healthy and well cared for.

Veterinarians are responsible for administering all the necessary vaccinations required by farm animals. This is considered basic good practice as vaccinating your farm animals makes diseases less likely to spread to other animals, whether they be farm animals or wild.

As soon as there is a disease outbreak all animals need to be given the vaccination in order to prevent an epidemic and protect South Africa’s fauna and the livelihoods of hard working South Africans in the agricultural sector.

Ensuring Safe Food Supplies
By having your animals vaccinated you ensure the produce you are sending out is safe for human consumption. Regular visits to the farm by your local veterinarians will ensure your animals are healthy and can be used to create stock that is not only safe, but also of a high quality.

To find agricultural veterinarians in your area visit our SA farming directory or contact us for more information on how to ensure agriculture continues to run smoothly thanks to vets in South Africa.