If you are wondering whether or not you should take a feral cat into your home, the answer is yes and no because adult cats should not be taken into your home. However baby feral cats that are just a few months old can be taken into your home with the right training. There are reasons why you should stay away from adult cats and train baby cats. Adult cats are afraid of people, they don’t want to be disturbed, and they usually won’t eat.

Not Familiar with People

Adult cats are used to running around outside free away from other people. They are not used to being inside anyone’s home. These are some examples of their behaviors.

  • Instead of coming to you, they will turn the other direction.
  • They don’t want to be picked up.
  • They don’t want to come in your house.

Leave Them Alone

Normally cats love people, and they love to have their own toys and be playful but feral cats are just the opposite. If you know someone that has a feral cat, you may notice that they don’t have any toys for them. They don’t like to play with anything. Some other examples on how they don’t like to be disturbed include:

  • They don’t like to be touched so don’t even pet this kind of cat unless that cat has a relationship with you.
  • You can’t make loud sounds or high pitched squeals so if you have children, you definitely will not be able to take in these types of cats.

To Feed or Not

Most feral cats will not eat if they are receiving food from someone they do not know. They will find food wherever they go. If you see a feral cat in your yard, then you can put some food out for it but don’t call for the cat. Some feral cats will eat so try leaving it out and see what that cat does.

Baby feral cats have not had the chance to be around people since they are so little. If you see one on the street, then hold your hand out to see if it will come to you. Talk in a gentle voice so they know you are a nice person. If you find one in your yard, try to get them to eat, play with them, and make sure you are around that cat as much as possible to get that cat used to your family. It’s a process and if you don’t see any improvement, you will have to give the baby cat to someone who can.

Adult feral cats are adorable but you shouldn’t take them in because of their behaviors. You need to know the tips and tricks with baby feral cats to have that chance to take them into your home. You don’t want to scare them and you shouldn’t make any sudden movements around these cats.