Our dogs all have different personalities and traits that influence their behavior. Some prefer to laze around in their bed, while others will relentlessly zoom around your backyard while barking at everything that moves. If yours falls into the latter category, it may become a bit of a nuisance.

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Stopping this behavior can be challenging. You don’t want to hurt your dog, but you need to put your foot down and help it understand how to behave around others, for the sake of both your own wellbeing and that of the dog’s. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can easily and effectively keep your dog calm and relaxed. Here are some of the best.

Don’t Feed the Attention Seekers

We all know that dogs love nothing more from us than attention. This generally stems from a lack of stimulation – something they know you can provide. When you pay attention to their hyperactive outbursts, they learn that this is how they can get you to focus on them.

This essentially reinforces the problem. Aim to avoid any eye contact, touching or talking next time they act up. Eventually, your dog will learn that being hyperactive is not going to get them what they want from you.

Hemp Oil

Pets can obtain many of the same benefits that humans get from hemp oil. With recent changes in regulations, along with the herb’s increase in popularity, many companies have started to create hemp oil for pets. Your dog’s hyperactivity may stem from irritation, something that this is great at alleviating.

There are countless additional benefits that this plant provides. Hemp oil is an effective all-round health supplement, helping alleviate inflammation and joint pain while also slowing the growth of cancer cells. Your dog’s skin and coat will benefit from the power of hemp oil, too.

Redirect Their Energy

This is a great way to ensure that both you and your dog are getting sufficient exercise. It’s as simple as going on a short daily walk. If your dog is up for the task, consider upgrading to an occasional jog along the beach. This will help your dog exert all of the energy they have built up within them.

By the time they get home, all they’ll want to do is laze around or take a nap, leaving you with some quality time to yourself. Next time your dog is acting up, use it as an opportunity for the both of you to get exercise.

The Way You Act

Believe it or not, your dog often mimics your own behavior, or at the very least, is influenced by it. If you’re constantly shouting, complaining and stressing out in the presence of your dog, it will inevitably be affected by it. From now on, pay attention to the way you behave and try your best to remain calm and relaxed whenever you dog is around you.

Once you understand where your dog’s hyperactivity stems from, it’s all a matter of eliminating the source. Get this right and before you know it, your best friend will be the most chilled dog in town.