There is nothing like the companionship of a furry friend, but if you own multiple pets, your expenses can start to rise quickly. If you love your animal friends, there are plenty of ways to keep costs low when owning multiple pets. The below tips will help you to keep your pet care costs low.

Be your pet’s trainer

If you have a dog or other type of animals that follow commands, you may want to consider becoming their trainer. It may seem like it would be a lot of work, but your pets will love it! Training a pet, yourself is much cheaper than hiring a trainer or taking your dog to obedience classes. In a short space of time, with regular training and patience, you should be able to teach your dog how to lay in their bed on command or how to shake hands with people.

Buy pet food in bulk and store it properly

If you want to save some money, buy your pet food in bulk. However, make sure that you are storing the food properly and using it within the time frame specified on the packaging.

Look for affordable pet insurance

If you have a pet that is sick or has to visit the veterinarian often, it can quickly start to cause a dent in your wallet. Look for an affordable pet insurance plan and consider opting for tailored cover for each individual pet. For example, a pet insurer like Petsure offers multi-pet insurance that is flexible in setting individual cover limits to suit each pet you choose to cover.

Buy used items

If you are looking for things such as crates and beds for your pets, it is better to buy used items rather than spend money on new items. You can find these items online or at local thrift stores. It may also be better to buy used toys as opposed to buying new ones, just make sure they are clean and safe before allowing them near your animals.

In addition to buying second-hand toys, you can also turn household items into supplies for your pets. For example, cats often favour a simple cardboard box over an expensive bed and dogs love to play tug of war with pieces of spare rope you may have. This is much cheaper than constantly buying new items for your pets.