Choosing the right food for your fur baby is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Dog nutrition does more than provide sustenance for your pet. It also ensures they remain healthy and strong and don’t suffer developmental challenges. So, how do you choose the right puppy and dog food?

Puppy and Dog Nutrition Checklist

Below are some key factors you should consider before you buy dog food.


Every dog food brand has options for puppies for good reasons. The nutritional profile of these puppy products is tailor-made to suit their needs. Adult dogs also have unique dietary requirements, and their food may be a little too hard in the tummy for your puppies.

Regulatory Requirements

Food regulators in your state will undoubtedly set requirements for dog food manufacturers. The body regulating foods varies across countries. For example, pet owners in the United States should ensure that the Association of American Feed Control Officials regulates their pet food brands.

Consider Your Dog’s Preferences

While the nutritional profile is essential, you must also give your pet food they enjoy. You don’t want to spend money on food that your dog doesn’t enjoy or force them to eat it. Many dog food brands offer free samples of their products as part of promotions. Get as many of these free samples as possible and do a taste test for your pets. You can repeat the test multiple times using different brands of food to see which one your puppy likes most.

Consider Mixing Things Up

You do not need to subject your dog to one type of food for their entire lifetime. At intervals, switch things up and provide your dog with alternative options. You can leave brand foods and try cooked foods or even a raw meat diet.


Your dogs aren’t just pets, they are members of your family. Endeavor to give them the best nutrition for their specific needs as they grow. Also, feel free to talk to a specialist if you need advice. Just make sure the person you speak to isn’t simply promoting a brand for financial gain.