Planning to adopt a dog in near feature? Here is some pet care information regarding to the dog which you must know prior to bring dog in your house.


Pet caring is impossible without proper feeding your pet on time. It is one of the vast topics to discuss in which we can talk about the food, feeding time, nutrition requirements, feeding habit, treats and much more. When you adopt a dog, make sure to spend enough time to get aware of these topics. Feeding depends on the size, age, weight and breed of the dog. In general, the puppies required to eat more frequently than the grown dogs because its help in their growth make their muscles strong and keep them active. The puppy required to feed four times a day where a grown dog can be live healthy if you food once or maximum twice a day.


Dogs do shed because of their fur. That’s why they required drumming on regular basis. The grooming is not only required for the beauty of the dogs but also for the health. Grooming the dog on daily basis could protect your dog from the skin allergies, infection and also from the bad digest system. The bathing depends on the fur of the dog. The breeds with no fur or small size fur does not required much bathing and grooming as compare to the dogs with a lot of furs

Fleas and ticks:

I could discuss this in the grooming heading but this is an important issue which you must know about separately. The fleas and ticks can cause the skin allergies among dogs. They attach in the warm seasons only. That’s why, you need to wash your dog more frequently in the summer and warm seasons. There are different grooming products available in market which is specially made to remove the fleas and ticks from their fur and skin.

Pet care checklist:

The supply of dog could be depends on your budget and breed of the dog. The furry dog required more supply than the small and dogs without fur. The general list of pet care products include toys, bed, feeding and water bowl, treats, crate, leash, collar, toothbrush and warm cloth for the winter.


Dogs need to exercise on daily basis for number of reasons, burning calories and keep the muscles active are the most important among than. The exercise could be any physical activity from jogging to playing to a ball in a ground. The exercise also important for the dogs because it can help them to get rid from the boredom, anxiety, depression and stress etc. If you don’t have time to take your do gout for the walk, that’s OK, you can purchase the toys which like chew, puzzle games for the exercise purpose.


The grown dog does not required much handling as compare to the new born, small breed dogs and puppies. There is a proper way to handling them. You can handle the puppy in right way simply by putting one hand under the chest of the dog. Handling from other body parts like tail, back, forelegs or neck could give injury to the puppy or at least hurt them very bad.