Studies show that cats experiencing an upset stomach is common. The Cost of Pet  Health Care Report in 2017 reveals that stomach problem ranks first in top 10 conditions of pets. Common symptoms of this illness include, but is not limited to, vomiting, lack of appetite, and abdominal pain.

According to a study of cats, felines can experience either chronic or acute stomach problem. Acute stomach ache can be treated with tried and tested home remedies and chewables like this: However, a chronic upset stomach problem cannot. Veterinarians are best to be consulted in situations like this. If, in some circumstance, you cannot make it to the nearest veterinary clinic, you can try these first-aid remedies:


Canned pumpkin puree that is 100% natural is an effective remedy for stomach pain that comes with constipation or diarrhea. Pumpkins contain a stool softening agent and fibers that absorb water. These substances help in relieving constipation and help in solidifying loose stools brought by diarrhea. Drop one to two teaspoons in your cat’s food.

Bland Food

Cats experiencing upset stomach has to be put up on a bland diet. Bland foods include rice and boiled chicken. This food provides the needed nutrition for the pet without worsening its condition. Gradually feed the cat with the food. Observe if there is some resistance. If there isn’t, continue feeding it slowly. The cat can only return eating its regular food once its condition improves.


Generally, cats cannot digest grass but are fond of grazing on it. Grass has fibers that induce regurgitation of foods and materials that are undigested. It encourages the pet to eliminate the damaging substance through vomiting. This would possibly remove the cause of the upset stomach. Allow the cat to have an access to fresh grass.

Essential Oils

Based on research, essential oils have a powerful healing ability. Small amounts of the oils can create a potent effect on the cat’s body system. Diffuse the essential oil by dropping some to the collar. Essential oils can be found in lavender, ginger, lemongrass, etc.


Cats with an upset stomach that comes with diarrhea or vomiting can deplete a lot of fluids. Fluids should be provided immediately and cautiously.

Additional Information

It is important to note that while we are talking about “the do’s”, we should also value “the don’ts”. A local veterinary physician suggests that it would be best for the pet to avoid contact with dairy products. Statistics show that a large number of cats are lactose-intolerant. Thus, consumption of lactose, a natural sugar found in milk, will only worsen the condition.

Ending Note

Remedies shown above may help in relieving and/or treating your pet’s upset stomach. However, for more serious stomach pain, you should immediately seek the attention of a veterinarian.