Are you aware that it’s not necessary to possess a purebred cat to sign up in show. Yes, you will notice lots of pedigreed cats in a cat show, however in Australia we have a category only for kittens and cats – the Companion Class – which is understood to be any kitten older than 10 days or cat either from either registered stock although not proven as registered, part pedigree or domestic cat of undetermined heritage.Companion cats over 6 several weeks old should be desexed to become qualified to become proven.

You will have to start getting your cat ready for any show a couple of of days before, or at best each day prior to the show. Preparation includes bathing (longhairs), claw clipping, elimination of fleas and flea dirt, cleaning of ears, and general grooming to make certain your cat is searching it’s finest for knowing.

It’s also advisable to not feed your cat around the morning from the cat show, to prevent ‘accidents’ within the vehicle. You are able to supply your cat with a couple of dry biscuits when you get to your destination.

Different cat clubs might have slightly different rules, so make sure you browse the rule sheet you get together with your registration form, to make sure you follow their rules.

Area of the preparation also needs to include packing your bag during the day with essentials and emergency products. Stuff you may decide to take with you are:

Water and food bowls

Dry food

Canned water (in situation none is instantly available)

Cage curtains and pillow

Litter tray, litter and rubbish bags for disposal

Secure cat carrier

Grooming tools

Pencil to keep scores


Warm water bottle when the weather conditions are very awesome, or perhaps an ice brick when the weather conditions are hot

There’ll usually be ushers in the door from the show who can show you regarding what to do and what you ought to do in order to get setup. After you have set your show cage up filled with your cat, you’ll find your good position and get ready to experience the thrill during the day.

I think you’ll enjoy showing your cats around I actually do. You might find that after you have visited a couple of shows, you need to have more involved, for example stewarding for that idol judges, clerking and keeping scores. At each cat show, it’s very much appreciated if you can to assist clean up in the finish during the day. This task is generally left for the similar small couple of devoted people, as well as their day could be made much simpler when they might get help.