Cats don’t live as long as their owners and considering euthanasia can be a very difficult decision to make. However, at some point, the cat owners need to take this call due to the poor health condition of their furry family members.

Euthanasia is giving easy and gentle death to your pet and relieving it from its pain. However, if your cat is healthy, then you can rehome it. You could consult your vet for advice, as they can help in rehoming your beloved pet.

Signs That Tell You When to Euthanasia your Cat

Old Age and Pain

You should consult your vet to discuss the aging and diseases related to it and cat euthanasia cost NYC. Old age is accompanied by arthritis, which is treatable, yet painful. One does not have to consider euthanasia in such a case. Your pet can be relieved of pain using vet prescribed painkillers and further treated for arthritis.

However, if your cat is restless, reluctant to move or play around, has stopped grooming and eating, then you must discuss this with your vet. Your cat might be sicker than it may look. Your vet will tell you when the right time for euthanasia for old cats is.

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Things to do after Euthanasia

Cat owners need to be prepared for euthanasia. There’s more to just a gentle death. During euthanasia, a lot of things happen such as urine or feces passing away. It is very common and thus, important that you place a blanket or a towel underneath your pet during the procedure.

Whether euthanasia is at home or the vet, the doctor or the nurse will help you clean your pet and remove the intravenous cannula. Soon after this, you need to decide whether you want to bury or cremate your cat.

If you want your cat to be cremated, then you have several options. Make sure that you wrap your cat’s body like how you want it to be placed in the crematorium. It is difficult to do so since you are going through a lot of emotions, but this has to be done right.

If you want to bury your cat, then it is suggested that you do not do it in a non-biodegradable material, and use a blanket or a casket. Make sure that you bury it as soon as you can in the position you prefer because later, which is after a few hours, the body will stiffen and you’ll have a tough time burying it.

Post Mortem

If your pet died suddenly, make sure that you opt for post-mortem and understand the cause of death. However, it is not important to have a post mortem, as long as your cat passed away peacefully.