Choosing a veterinarian to take care of your valued family pet is no small matter. For many individuals, this choice is almost as important as the doctor you select for yourself and your family members. (In some cases, your pet is a family member.) So, how do you go about making this important decision, especially when you have just moved to a new community or acquired your first dog, cat, or other companion?

Experience Counts

One of the first elements you should look for in a veterinarian is experience. Fortunately, if you’re in the North Ryde area, you have access to professionals who have been serving the region for four decades. Every pet and every pet owner who has come to rely on the full range of services in North Ryde with Gordon Vet has received professional care as well as compassion and understanding. The team of veterinarians and nurses have been working with area pet owners for many years, which means you will usually be greeted by a friendly and familiar face.

Not only do you have the services of a vet office, but you will be working with experts in a fully-equipped pet hospital. This guarantees that you get efficient care as quickly as possible with less need for an expensive referral. The facilities include two operating rooms, radiology, ultrasound, a laboratory, and dentistry and endoscopy services. Staff members are selected for their ability to bond with the animals who depend on them for special care. Office staff and reception nurses deliver outstanding customer service, remembering the names of owners and pets alike.

If you want to get started on the path to choosing your vet, visit Gordon Vet website today. You should browse for a few minutes to learn more about what is offered. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that these professionals are available every day of the year and also provide after-hours service during the week. When you can’t bring your companion to the vet or can’t wait with him or her, you may want to arrange for drop-off, house call, and pick-up service.


If you would like recommendations from others before making your veterinarian choice, you would be wise to read the testimonials from past and current customers. The comments listed on the website should provide you with plenty of incentive to start trusting your pet to these experts. Many pet owners choose this provider because of referrals from friends or relatives.

If you need vaccinations, health checks, pet dental care, heartworm or intestinal worm care, nutritional advice, pain treatment, or any other quality medical service for your pet, this is your source. Don’t forget to ask about puppy classes, cat boarding, pet insurance, emergencies and after-hours care, and house call service.